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… we’re gonna reach the first goal of $100 this month!  So that means that you have made it so that all our fans will get to download a copy of the portrait Palmer’s Passage during the first week of June.  Our $5 Patrons will, of course, also get to download another art piece, this time a NSFW full-color portrait of one of our couples.  Which one?  RxJ or BxS or LxJ?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 24

Don’t you just love Shakespeare’s way of getting two old guys talking? It still rings true with how people converse today.  Of course, Papa and Larry are driving their spouses absolutely crazy.

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Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 23

We’re baaa-ack… with story, story, story… and that wacky Capulet family.

Thanks for putting up with us while we did that NSFW stuff.  It was just too hot for prime time, or for under-18.  And, of course, it’s still all there for you to read at for only $1.  So, take advantage while it’s still available this month.  It goes back under the cloak of $5 patrons in June.

Hey!  We might be in Washington DC in June. . . we’ll keep you posted.

Translators WANTED

We have specific requests of anyone wanting to translate our work. We protect it and our SEO but we’re happy to work with you. If you are interested in working with us to translate please feel free to drop us an email:  marina.justyaoi at gmail

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Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 20

Yeah, well, sorry about this, but it’s the only way we know to be pretty sure our audience for the smexy stuff remains in the 18+ category.  It’s only $1 for a page like this, but you have to pay for it and register with Patreon.  Honestly, for only $1 per month you’ll get a reminder directly to your email every time we upload a page.

Anyway.  Enjoy!