Aaaaaaand WE’RE BACK!

Hello there!

PHEW! That took a wee bit longer than we had anticipated!

Thank you so much for your patience with us, as Mar~ has recuperated from her accident in mid-December. As she said, “I fell down a flight of stairs.  I broke my arm and had to have a battery of tests on my head and my heart to figure out why I fell down the stairs. I had a second episode in January. I’m still waiting on all the doctors to clear me, so that’s the next hurdle.”

In the meantime, during our hiatus we’ve put together and sent off to the printers BOOK 3!!!! YAYS!!!!  All in preps for our upcoming KICKSTARTER for said Book 3, which we are running VERY soon, so that we can afford to make some copies of the book, to sell at conventions and so forth. As was before, many wonderful goodies will be available to choose from for the KICKSTARTER, depending on your level of support. 

We’ve also started work on and are ready to start releasing the first few pages BOOK 4!!!! YAYS!!!!

SO! Keep an eye out for announcements on upcoming KICKSTARTER via our FACEBOOK pages, PATREON page and here, of course!

Again, thank you very sincerely for your continued support.


On Hiatus ~ See you in 2018!

Hello all! ~Ina, the artist, here!

RomeoXJulien is going on hiatus until 2018, as we’re VERY busy with the holidays and prepping Act 3 Part 1 for book printing in the new year…and on top of it all, poor Mar~ had a bad spill and broke her upper left arm.

BUT NEVER FEAR! RxJ will continue on our Patreon page, with comic page art AND behind-the-scenes artwork and sketches as we work on compiling pages to print.


<3 ~ Mar~ & ~Ina

Romeo X Julien – Act III – Page 50

Mercy does not seem to believe in personal space.

We’re working on the finals of this section of the book.  Act 1 and Act 2 are both available in full on  Very soon we’ll start pulling together the printing for Act 3.  In it we’ll include not only the parts you’ve viewed here, but will also have the NSFW scenes that were edited out, and another side story that hasn’t had it’s debut at all yet!