BishounenCon in Rhode Island this Weekend

THE DIRTY OLD LADY will be hosting ROMEOxJULIEN and SHIPJUMPER at the D4 Booth in the Dealers row at BishounenCon this weekend.

What we’ll have:  RomeoXJulien books 1 and 2 + NSFW art cards and other art of the RomeoXJulien gang.   We are bringing Captain LeBuff’s naughty sailors books SHIPJUMPER and we’ve got the last of the first printing of Book 1 available.  We are also bringing some very sexy D.O.L.L. pillows and BeABette Pin-up hair accessories.  AND some really handsome men’s and women’s corsets from the likes of Cloak & Dagger Creations at some incredible prices.  Plus some other stuff…  OH and ~Ina is going to be doing art right there at the tables, so if you wanted a little something…

Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 11

Foreshadowing is the literary word for something that happens at the beginning of a book that reflects later in the book.  Romeo can be a lot like his dad.  Is this a good thing?  or a bad thing?  We shall see.

Hope to see some of our fans at BISHOUNENCON in Warwick, Rhode Island.  We’re sharing a booth with the Dirty Old Lady’s League.  So, come get the books, or one of the very few art cards we have left from our Kickstarter printing.  The D.O.L.L. will have naughty things.