Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 29

Romeo plays along with the Shakespearean stuff pretty well, and he still thinks that little devil, Julien, is an angel.

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Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 28

Welcome back to Julien’s bedroom. Guess we’ll know what they’ve been up to soon.

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Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 25

What’s Papa’s problem? I mean, Romeo seems like a good fellow. But maybe it’s his parents that got Papa’s undies in a bunch?  Looks like Larry and Juan approve. Hmmmmm….  what will come of this?  And where are Romeo and Julien?

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Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 24

Don’t you just love Shakespeare’s way of getting two old guys talking? It still rings true with how people converse today.  Of course, Papa and Larry are driving their spouses absolutely crazy.

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Romeo X Julien – ACT III – page 23

We’re baaa-ack… with story, story, story… and that wacky Capulet family.

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