Romeo X Julien – ACT I – page 33

We’re on to the next scene in RomeoXJulien. Act 1 is 10 weeks from completion. But you can make the story happen faster by contributing to our Patreon page. If you can raise the funds, our artist can make more art! That means publishing TWO pages per week. Join us at www.patreon.com/JustYaoi for as little as $1 per month and we could have a whole lot more story for you. Act 2 is ready with all the fun and sexiness you’re waiting for, but we cannot get there faster without your help.

In other news, Marina was at Nauticon (the 21+ Convention) in Provincetown, Massachusetts this past weekend.  So, forgive us for not publishing a page last week, and being a little behind this week, OK?  Please, please, please?   As Benny would say.  We got to present our panel on how we make webcomics, and talked a little about RomeoXJulien and JustYaoi.com.  Coming up June 20-21 Marina will be at NorthEast Comic Con in Wilmington, Massachusetts.  And we’re still waiting on a few other conventions that we’ve applied to their Artists Alley.  We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

AND a big Thank You to a fan:  https://youtu.be/CQaBlhwJOFM

Romeo X Julien – ACT I – page 34

We have a big secret here at Just Yaoi…  

{stage whisper} we need your support.  So I guess that’s not so secret.  

We have a new “Links” page on this website to thank those who are supporting us with web reviews and sharing space, but we could use your help as well.  

As little as $1 per month will help us keep things rolling on this website.  But for a bit more, you’ll get some awesome gifts!  So, won’t you please visit our Patreon Page at www.patreon.com/justyaoi and make a pledge to help us monthly?  We’ve got only 10 more weeks of work to do on Act 1 of RomeoXJulien, then we work on getting it into publication.  Act 2 is coming with all kinds of smexy stuff in October.  You’ll love it!

The other thing that will help us with funds is if you’ll purchase our Limited Edition RomeoXJulien comic book.  It’s only $6 plus shipping to where you live.  Please visit our Home Page for all that information.  Just click and pay and we send it to you!  

We’ll be at the following conventions soon:

  • NorthEast Comic Con, June 20-21

And as soon as we get our emails from these cons we hope to see you here too:

  • PortconMaine, June 25-28
  • MICE, October 17-18
  • Nijicon, October 24-25