EXTRAS! From “event” artwork to Stupid Mar~ Stuff comics, you never know what you’re gonna get!

Stupid Mar~ Stuff – Comic 3

You only have to put up with Mar~ and her outstanding art for another week.  Then we’ll take a break, and October 7 Act II begins.

In the meantime, get the book!  By purchasing it you’re helping us pay our bills: website, hosting,  registrations, and so forth.  And then we can bring you the rest of the story.

We are attending Another Anime Con (in New Hampshire) and Nijicon (in Pennsylvania) in October.  We’ll have copies of the book available there at our Artist’s table, PLUS exclusive art prints of Greg (without a shirt but with a kilt), a Romeo and Julien spoiler, and the naughty boys Benny and Sammy, being “friends with benefits”.  PLUS as a con exclusive, we’ll be selling the excerpt mini-comic of why Benny and Sammy are “friends with benefits”, an 18+ show-us-your-ID eye popper.

Take care, we’ll see you in a couple weeks!

Romeo X Julien – ACT II – BennyXSammy – Teaser

Thank you for taking the time to make RomeoXJulien part of your life.

This is part of the available in the BOOK ONLY RxJ: Act II.  You’re going to love this “Meanwhile at Sammy’s Place” story.

Why are we doing this?  Three reasons:  1. It’s the fairest safest way for us to be pretty sure that those reading are 18+.  2. It costs money to keep websites up and running, far more than we originally estimated.  And we really want to keep this story coming to our readers.  3.  It costs money to keep an artist fed and clothed, and we’d really like to be fed and clothed.

Coming 2017 in ACT III…

Seriously?  Romeo, you are such a dork.

But, if you need a little something to tide you over, book 2 has a throw-back side-story of  “When Larry Xd Juan” by guest artist AGA.  It’s only in the book, it’s also very smexy.  www.amazon.com 

RomeoXJulien: Act II – The Lovers (Volume 2)

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