Romeo X Julien – ACT I – page 46

Benny and Sammy, what a pair.  Couldn’t you just throttle them?!?!

Act 1 ends September 2.

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  • Isika

    Well well well, Romeo doesn’t seem to mind hearing this new bet of info, does he? lol

  • Benny is enjoying this way too much ?
    But Romeo’s blush tho… oh ho ho!

  • Ahahaha! I’m so excited to see a comic as this play and I can’t wait to see more!

  • Marsha Hinds

    Why is Romeo startled? The emphasis is on the word “son” so it seems he’s taken aback by the fact that he was kissing a male. But his breast man friend mentioned Julien’s name when they were introduced. Since Julien IS a male name, where does the surprise come into it? Then again, since he through Julien was a girl, he might have heard “Julianne” instead of “Julien”. That would explain it.

    • I think you may be right, but you’ll know for sure when Act 2 begins publishing the first week of October 2015.

    • Jeldenil

      Or Julienne, as in carrots. /shot

  • AJ V

    Rome is probably like…

  • AJ V


  • luna89

    Romeo doesn’t seem too troubled. 🙂