Romeo X Julien – ACT II – page 21

O-o…  Romeo, you’re in trouble now.

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  • Well, that last bit killed the mood.

    ….though I am giggling a little. ^_^

    • Crowfeatherwolf

      “What man art thou, that, thus be-screen’d in night,
      /So stumblest on my counsel?”

    • 狼村谷社

      “Giggling”??? “GIGGLING”?! I’M FULL BLOWN CACKLING

  • Splendid perspective, btw… b^^

  • IAmAxel

    This is absolutely adorable <3 so happy that I found this!

  • About time Julien noticed he had a stalker, haha xD

  • luna89

    LMAO! Oh, Julien. Keeps it classy to a point. xD