Romeo X Julien – Act III – Page 39

Do you snoop around in other people’s things when they are out of the room? Julien does. Mama taught him well.

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  • Jason Wexler

    In panel 2, under the TV… X-Box, Playstation, Cable Box, Audio System, and DVD/Blue-Ray Player… what is the sixth device? *grin* Only because you say you like comments.

    • ~Ina says, “That’s a good question >.>;;;;

      Welp! His father is a computer programmer/ software designer or some such…perhaps it’s a new gaming system or something that Romeo is testing out or something from a division of that company? XD LOL Because if Microsoft, which is founded by a computer/tech company, can create X-Box, then why not? XD

      Sounds logical to me! XD LOL…so…yea…it’s an unnamed/unknown/top secret console XD LOL

      • Jason Wexler

        Works for me!