Romeo X Julien – Act III – Page 45

And we come to the end of another scene.  Julien looks a little confused as to why Romeo really thought they were really just going to take a bath. Oh well, he’s been “up” twice today. So, perhaps some nice bubbles to relax and off to bed.

Over at PATREON:  October brings us our next re-release of NSFW pages so that $10 patrons can catch-up.  That’s going to be the NSFW pages that came in the middle of ActII, Scene II.  Right now and until this coming weekend they are able to catch the whole of Act III, Scene III with all the naughty pages in there.  So, if you wanted to join now at the $10 level you could get two for the price of one…  catch what’s up there now, and get the next pages.  Also, coming soon, another of our art pieces… who should we feature this time?

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